Saturday, September 1, 2012

welcome (välkommen)

hello and welcome to my first attempt (ever) at a blog.  I know it is surprising that someone who talks and writes as much as I do has not yet created one, but I was waiting for something truly important that is deserving of the time and energy it takes to write and post in a manner worthy of sharing with others.  I wanted to let you know a couple pieces of valuable information before you get into reading here.

  1. this blog may evolve over time.  the catalyst and starting point is the John Worthington Ames Scholarship that I won this past May which has allowed me to travel to Sweden and beyond to study zero energy and sustainable neighborhoods and cities.  A special thanks to the founders of the Ames Scholarship and to the Selection Committee, led by Bernie Goba of the BAC.
  2. one of the biggest challenges for me in writing a blog is understanding the audience.  I decided that rather than try to understand this unknown, I will write with my voice about whatever interests me and if others are interested that's great.  to that end, if you are reading this and have interest in anything specific or questions or ideas, please let me know.  it is entirely possible that while I am here in Sweden (and Denmark) I can explore a little on your behalf, especially if your interest is in something sustainable, architectural, etc.  also, if I talk about something and it interests you, let me know.  there's always more research to do and I can pretty much guarantee that I am only posting some of the pictures I take on any one thing, so you can ask for another post with more pics or info.
  3. I am not very interested in capitalization at the beginning of sentences.  I always capitalize the personal pronoun "I" and I do love grammar but that's where it ends.  so I guess that means I will capitalize proper nouns (like Vastra Hamnen or Sweden) and anything else I deem important, but not the first word in a sentence.  sorry if that annoys people.  hopefully you'll get used to it
  4. I can't promise to be reliable and post every day.  one of my favorite  blogs is by a guy who uses the handle bikesnobNYC.  he writes about all sorts of bicycle related news, stories, etc.  he has quite a following and posts every day before noon (he jokes that he is a professional blogger, which he is) and when he doesn't post by noon or takes a vacation with his family his readers get pretty upset!  famous last words: don't worry... I am not trying to be a professional blogger.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog.  it's delicious!


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