Tuesday, September 4, 2012

pickup soccer in Malmo

for an evening delight I decided to roll around on my new (used) scott bicycle in search of a pickup soccer game.  I need some exercise and I have been spending too much time emailing and sitting in front of the computer.  So... I set out to where I had seen some fields along Ribersborgsstranden on the western coast of the city below Vastra Hamnen.  even though there were several beach soccer courts and even more regular soccer fields in the area, there was not one single pickup game.  time was passing by.  I picked up the pace on the bike and flew through the city, up and down random streets looking for something.  after nearly an hour, I was getting frantic.  yes I was exercising by riding the bike, but I wanted a game.

finally, as things were starting to look grim, I came across an artificial turf field that turned out to be a city soccer field called Malmo Idrottsplats.  there was a small group of guys playing so I rode over and asked to play.  they invited me into the game and I had a great time.  after an hour or so the sun started to go down and the game ended.  they decided to play a penalty shooting game that I had never played before.

the rules were (sort of) simple and the game reminded me of a soccer version of "horse".  each player gets three strikes and takes turns in order shooting and then being goalie and then getting back in line.  when you are in goal and someone scores, you get a strike.  three strikes and you are out.  last person left with less than three strikes wins (you'll see what winning means in the last video below).  if you shoot and miss the net/ goalie completely, you have to run and touch three goalposts (one twice) before you can save the next shot.  if you hit the goal or the goalie you just go to the net and its your turn to be goalie.

my mission was not to be the first one out.  I succeeded and was the second one out.  it takes a little getting used to with the rules but I think if I play again I will do better.  it seems losing in this game involves potential pain (although I think it's more pride than actual pain).

these guys play every tuesday night so hopefully I will get in another game with them, maybe next week...

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