Tuesday, September 11, 2012

tub not sealed to the wall...?

dear people (who have stumbled across this blog and mistakenly started reading it, only to find out that I don't use capital letters at the beginning of sentences and I talk mostly about food and beer instead of sustainable design and architecture),

can anyone explain this one to me?  the tub, which stands on four legs but has sides so it looks like a tub set onto (or into) the tiling, is not, in any way, sealed to the wall on either of the two sides that touch up against the tile.  the hot and cold pipes come up between the tub and the tile on the short side, in plain sight, touchable (and conceivably hotter than you'd want to accidentally touch).  when one is taking a shower, water bounces off the body, off the walls, and off the curtain and falls behind the tub on two sides onto the tile floor.

this defies all seventeen years of BAC education.  water is the enemy.  water is violent and dangerous and should be locked up, caged, or otherwise incarcerated.  water is the ruination of all architecture (even Falling Water).  right?

because water is clearly the enemy, we should always seal, finish, control, and ultimately ship water the hell out of anything we build, right?  doesn't water create mold and promote wildlife and destroy the ozone layer?  was I sleeping all through school?  somebody, please explain these pictures.

shower and tub
the tub does not touch the wall on either of the two sides where it could and there is a huge gap where the pipes come up on the short side
corner of tub where tile should (maybe) meet the tub
here's the corner.  you can see a large gap and a small gap and water droplets just relaxing there (because I am taking their picture).  as soon as I leave the room and turn off the light they drift down to the floor...
water collecting under the tub
see, here is the water under the tub on the floor.  that white things is one of the four feet for the tub.
drain for the tub
yes, this is the drain for the tub.  a hole in the tile floor with a pvc pipe going through it.  yes, since you asked, there is water building up all around the hole and I am pretty sure some falls down there to... somewhere.  no I did not test for mold.  I am just assuming that there is mold forming in there somewhere...

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